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Lake Country Montessori prepares children for life by providing an authentic Montessori environment that fosters respect for themselves, others and the world in which they live, as well as responsibility, independence and a life-long love of learning.



Lake Country Montessori is unique in the Lake Country area, as we provide a true Montessori environment.  Children arrive as young as 2½ years old, as they are beginning to discover their potential.  After only a week or two at our school, parents tell us that their child glows with self-confidence and joy!  "She has gained a new sense of self, showing confidence in herself and her newfound abilities.  She has found a place that is all her own, where she can learn from the other children around her and choose her own purposeful work.  She knows now that she is capable of so much— dressing herself, caring for herself and others around her, helping to maintain and beautify her surroundings, and expressing her own thoughts and ideas.  She knows that here, she is accepted exactly as she is, and that she and her work will be respected always."


Please come and see what our school has to offer your child and your family!

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  Holiday Concert 6:00 pm
  Winter Break
  Continuing Education for Parents


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Directions to LCM

We are between Hwy. 16 and I-94, conveniently located in the heart of Lake Country, Wisconsin


Located just off Hwy. 83 in Hartland, between Hartland Music and the Aurora Wilkinson Medical Clinic


Located at the east end of the building and have our own entrance to the right of our sign

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